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I. The Artists 

The works you see in BeBlock are hand-made by artists around the world. Tap the artist's name to open a window to their Google Block. Support artists you love.

II. Google
Thanks to Google's Blocks team for making a tool that people love to use! Thanks to Google for hosting the world's first archive of 3D models available under a Creative Commons attribution license. 

III. Libraries

THREE.js by MrDoob 

WebVR Polyfill by Google 

A-Frame by Mozilla VR 

A-Frame Orbit Controls by Tizzle 

A-Frame Extras by Don McCurdy

A-Frame Effects by Wizgrav 

A-Frame Environment Component by feiss 

AR.js by jerome etienne & Alexandra Etienne  

JSZip by Stuk & contributors  

IV. Special Thanks 

The Cardboard team, Brookline Interactive Group, Howie Green, Kevin Ngo, Diego Marcos, Tojiro, Don McCurdy, Boris Smus, Jerome Etienne, mr.doob, AlteredQualia, Ivan Sutherland, Tony Parisi, Mark Pesce, Seymour Papert, Ken Olsen, Gates & Jobs, Jim Blinn, Ted Nelson, the A-Frame slack, and many many more.