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I. The Artists 

The works you see in BeBlock are hand-made by artists around the world. Tap the artist's name to open a window to their Google Block. Support artists you love.

II. Google
Thanks to Google's Blocks team for making a tool that people love to use! Thanks to Google for hosting the world's first archive of 3D models available under a Creative Commons attribution license. 

III. Libraries

THREE.js by MrDoob 

WebVR Polyfill by Google 

A-Frame by Mozilla VR 

A-Frame Orbit Controls by Tizzle 

A-Frame Extras by Don McCurdy

A-Frame Effects by Wizgrav 

A-Frame Environment Component by feiss 

AR.js by jerome etienne & Alexandra Etienne  

JSZip by Stuk & contributors  

IV. Special Thanks 

The Cardboard team, Brookline Interactive Group, Howie Green, Kevin Ngo, Diego Marcos, Tojiro, Don McCurdy, Boris Smus, Jerome & Alexandra Etienne, Mike Alger, Cindy Bishop, mr.doob, AlteredQualia, Lady Ada, West_Langley, Diane Williams, Tony Parisi, Mark Pesce, Jaron Lanier, Seymour Papert, Ivan Sutherland, Ken Olsen, Gates & Jobs, Jim Blinn, Larry Ellison, George Lucas, Atanasoff, Berry, Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper, Ted Nelson, the A-Frame slack, Psion, BUILDER, and Alan.