Build, Learn, Play

With a zero-install, web-based 3D code sandbox.

Kreatos brings the joy of building and 3D games to the 2D world of web programming. Use built-in cubes and your own JavaScript to create small, dynamic worlds.

Fly around a first-person block world 32 cubes on a side. Import pictures. Play sounds. Run JavaScript. Calculate. Demonstrate. Build 3D terrains. Construct proofs. Share worlds. Customize anything your way.

Kreatos is now in beta test. Try it yourself and give us feedback!.




Built-in Blocks

The Block Library has dozens of drop-in cubes that perform different functions. Add simple color blocks, move clicks along a path, light up colored LEDs, display images from the web, run JavaScript, leave notes in a notepad cube, and more.

Keyboard & Mouse Driven

Creation is inspired by creative mode in Minecraft. Fly around a 32x32x32 environment, drive your view with WASD+QE, and look around with the mouse. Hold down shift+click to add cubes, alt+click to inspect a cube to set its value, and z+click to delete.

Coloring the Matrix

Hot Floor tiles can be painted with a color. Choose a color from the color palette. Hold down alt and click on the floor to paint with that color. alt+c+click copies a floor tile's color to the palette. alt+z+click clears a tile. Floor designs save along with the world.

Portable, Shareable, Saveable

Kreatos worlds can be copied and pasted in text format. The power of the clipboard means you can save and share your worlds anywhere you want.

Set the Stage

Assign colors, gradients or images to each of the faces of the supercube, or load 3D terrain and a panoramic backdrop from any URL.

And Much More

Read the Docs section for basic instructions and recipes. See the Screenshots to get an idea of what you can do. Programming is not required, but the built-in variables + functions in Code cubes can get you started quickly.


the 9 muses
To load this world, click on the K menu in the upper left, and select "Load World...".
Type "museum" into the box and click OK.


A cubic construction set made of HTML5

thanks to FontAwesome, Three.js , Modern HD, Wikipedia, StackOverflow, and you.

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